I. Study and Transmission of Texts: Laboratory for Text Editing

This series of round tables, within the framework of LECTIO, is intended as a 'laboratory' to explore, in an experimental way, as it were, the methodological potentialities and limits of textual criticism and text editing. This will not only be done in an interdisciplinary perspective, but also in a transversal one, in terms of language areas and time periods.

Each round table tackles a different topic, which can be of interest not only to editors, but also to anyone interested in texts in general. Several specialists, each with a different background, have been invited to expose their views on the topic, highlighting the problematic points and methodological issues. An open discussion will then follow, enabling the emergence of new ideas.

These round tables are open to every 'lover of the text'. Everyone is cordially invited to reflect on the proposed topics and to participate in the creation of new tracks for tomorrow's scholarship.

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The Ladder of John of Sinai

30 April 2019


The Leuven team of the research project Longing for Perfection, in collaboration with  LECTIO and its Laboratory for Text Editing, is organizing an international workshop which will focus on the study of the book of John Climacus. The objective of this workshop is to take stock of contemporary research on various philological aspects of the ascetic work of John Climacus, namely:

  • the systematic description of the manuscript corpus of the book of the Scala;
  • the preparation of a critical edition of the treatise, its scholia and commentaria;
  • the in-depth study of the conceptions outlined in the Scala and their analysis in the ascetic context of Late Antiquity in Byzantium, as well as in the Syriac and Slavic worlds.

During the round table, workshop participants will have the opportunity to communicate the results of their study, to present their research projects and to consider collaborations that could contribute to the advancement of knowledge about the work of Climacus.

Since the last international conference dedicated to “John Climacus and Sinai”, organized in 2001 at the monastery of Bose (Italy), there have emerged new directions of paleographic and philological reviews of the Ladder. Developments in these areas will allow us to make more accurate conceptual syntheseand to better understand the role and reception of the ascetic book of the Ladder in monastic and sometimes secular circles.

Confirmed speakers: Elena Ene D-Vasilescu (Oxford), Father Justin (Sinai), Renaat Meesters (Gent/Leuven), Tatiana Popova (Aachen), Maxim Venetskov (Leuven)

Organizing committee: Peter Van Deun, Maxim Venetskov (Leuven)


Venue: Romerozaal, COVE 02.10, Sint-Michielsstraat 2-4, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Information: Maxim Venetskov or LECTIO

Participation is free, but registration is required via Maxim Venetskov before April 15, 2019.

Official invitation



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